Signs Lethal/Toxic Dose
Lead GI signs, anemia  
Zinc (pennies, crate nuts) Vomiting, CNS, lethargy, anemia   
Batteries esophageal or GI erosion  
Cold Medications (pseudoephedrine) vomiting, hyperactivity, heart rate  Induce vomiting within 1 hour of ingestion
(Antihistamines) sedation, unsteadiness  
Vitamin/Mineral supplements (Iron)   Toxic dose=4 gm=15 tablets
(Vitamin A)   Toxic dose=200,000U=4 caps 
(Vitamin D)   Toxic dose=30,000IU/kg
Theobromine (Chocolate) Vomiting, diarrhea, seizure, coma, liver damage, pancreatitis semisweet=2# milk=5#
bakers chocolate=1#
Caffeine, theophylline hyperexcitability, seizures, coma, tremors, pancreatitis toxic=4 gm=10tablets(NoDoz)=20 weigt control tabs
Antidepressants (Amitriptyline)  hyperexcitable, CNS, cardiac Lethal=680 mg=10 (50 mg tabs)
Amphetamines hyperexcitablility Lethal=400 mg
Barbiturates CNS depression Dangerous=90 mg
Aspirin vomiting, GI ulceration Dangerous=2,000 mg-6 tablets
Acetaminophen (Tylenol, Datril, Anacin) liver damage Toxic=9,000 mg=30 tablets Dangerous=600 mg=3 tablets
NSAIDS (Ibuprofen, Advil, Midol, Ketoprofen, Naproxen GI bleeding, ulceration Dangerous=2,000 mg=10 tablets
Toxic=4,000 mg=20 tablets
Organophosphates (pyrethrins, carbamates) Salivation, diarrhea, tremors, vomiting, unsteady 2 flea collars=toxic dose
induce vomiting
bathe to remove residue
Citrus Oils (D-limonene) depression, unsteadiness Toxic=125,00 mg
Strychnine seizures, rigidity, hypersensitive Induce vomiting
Lethal=30 mg
Common Household Hazards
  Signs   Treatment
Soaps, detergents (Alkaline, corrosive) vomiting, diarrhea low DO NOT induce vomiting
milk and water
Soaps, detergents (Nonalkaline) vomiting, diarrhea  low If more than 20 g/kg ingested with no vomiting within 30 min, induce vomiting
Cationic detergents(quaternary ammonia) vomiting, diarrhea, CNS, seizures high if >7.5% conc.-DO NOT induce vomiting, give milk, water, egg whites if low conc.-induce vomiting
Bleach vomiting, diarrhea low DO NOT induce vomiting give milk and water
Disinfectants (Phenol) liver, kidney damage high DO NOT induce vomiting, give milk and water. Lethal=20 gm=0.05# 
Pine oils (turpentine) vomiting, salivation, CNS, respiratory high DO NOT induce vomiting, give milk, water, egg whites. Toxic=1 oz. to 1/2 cup
Petroleum distillates aspiration pneumonia high DO NOT induce vomiting
lethal=20 mg=1 Tbsp
Alcohols CNS, cardiac, respiratory  mod toxic=1/2-1 cup
induce vomiting if large amount
Ethylene glycol (antifreeze) CNS, respiratory, cardiac, kidney failure high lethal=1 cup
induce vomiting
Propylene glycol
(Alternative antifreeze)
CNS mod toxic=1.5 cups induce vomiting
Coumarin type (D-Con, Banarat, Rosex, Ratox, Warfarin)
bleeding, depression, weakness, palor, respiratory Coumarin type
Dangerous-200 mg
Brodificoum type
Dangerous=10 mg
(Rampage, Mouse-B-Gone, Rat-B-Gone, Quintax) 
increased calcium, kidney damage toxic=100 mg
lethal=200 mg
1 packet lethal in 20# dog
Bromethalin (Hot Shot, Sudden Death, Mouse Killer, Assult) CNS, depression, paralysis toxic=100 g=3 oz.
lethal=30 oz.