GDV / Bloat
A life threatening emergency, time is of the essence.
by Karen Leshkivich, DVM

 Painful/distended abdomen
 Seeking hiding place
 Attempting to vomit
 Curled up in a ball
 Drinking excessively
Praying or crouched position
 Vomiting foamy material
 Red or white gums
 If you are within a half hour from your vet and you know bloat just occured - get to the vet
If you can't get to the vet or dog is already shocky/weak, you can attempt decompression.

BLOAT KIT--mouth gag, bloat tube, tape

(I generally use a tygon tubing, you can get a "foal tube" from your vet probably, and then cut it to a length of about 4-5 feet, but you can find tygon tubing in many hardware stores.  I like the clear tubing, so you can see what's in the tube.  For an average adult Bloodhound - get one with a diameter of about 1 inch.)
1) Check correct measurement of tube (mark tube at length from tip of nose to behind last rib (Fig 1 and 2).  Do this ahead of time for each dog you have. 
2) Place mouth gag, have control of dog's muzzle, may tape mouth shut over gag (Fig 3 and 4).  For a mouth gag, you can use a syringe case, a piece of PVC pipe, a roll of tape - anything that will fit in their mouth and have an opening in the center through which to pass the tube.
3) Gently advance tube to back of mouth, as the end of the tube taps the epiglottis (about the length from tip of nose to stop between eyes), the dog will usually swallow.  When the dog swallows, advance tube further (Fig 5).
4) Tube should pass with minimal resistance to marked point on tube (Fig 7). 
5) If you can't pass the tube all the way to the mark, try lifting dog's front end up and gently jostling him.  Sometimes this will allow you to advance the tube further to the tape mark (Fig 6).
6) You should hear/smell gas and/or fluids if in stomach, you can gently press on the dogs abdomen to help expel any gas.
7) If there is fluid present and not much comes out, try "siphon" effect.  Have the dog higher than the end of the tube (put the dog up on a table or counter, and have the end of the tube down at floor level).
8) Remove tube, crimp tube and pull out with smooth, swift movement.
9) Remove mouth gag. 

Rolling - Lay dog on its right side, place board over abdomen and apply pressure, roll dog to it's left side and repeat.
Trochar - This is a last resort action and may be attempted if the dog has collapsed and the gums are white.  Insert a large gauge needle (14 or 18 gauge) into the right side of the body wall into the abdomen.  The hope is to release some gas through the needle to relive pressure until a vet can be reached. 
Simple bloat - Simethicone, walking


These instructions are not intended to replace appropriate veterinary care, and serve as emergency guidance only.  The author is not responsible for any injury or illness to your dog as a result of tubing your dog.