Essentials of a First Aid Kit
by Karen Leshkivich, DVM

Any good first aid kit for your dog should contain safety and medical items in case of an emergency.  If your dog has individual needs, be sure to include them as well.  Following is a basic list.  Brand names may differ from place to place.  If you have any questions about these items, please consult your veterinarian.

Ace bandage Rectal Thermometer
Roll gauze Quick Stop (styptic)
Stretch Gauze/Cling Cotton balls
White tape Tweezers
Telfa pads Scissors
Gauze squares 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
Antibacterial ointment Salt
Sterile eye wash solution Cotton Swabs
Gold Bond powder Safety pins
Chlorhexiderm solution or scrub (Nolvasan) Bandanas
Simethicon, Tums Bloat Kit (Tube and mouthgag)