CH Twin Oaks Rockabilly Blues
Whelped 5/5/97-10/26/02
Cause of death-stomach/intestinal problems
Billy is a most handsome young man.  He is a balanced sound dog with plenty of type and bone.  He is exclusively owner/handled by Ron as a special.  Billy is a multiple group placing hound who finished #8 for group points in 1999.  He has a "soft" personality and is eager to please.  He is gentle with people and especially with young children.  He can be seen ringside basking in the glory of the attention that he receives from people.  He loves being the center of attention and it shows in the ring.  Billy achieved his championship at 13 months of age and had his first group placement 5 days after his first birthday.

Height-27 3/4" 
Weight-110 lbs
Head Length-12 1/4"

Owner/Breeder-Sheryn Hamm